Chosen Spot Design

In 2005 I graduated from Finger Lakes Community Colege with a dual degree in Information Technology and Business Administration and promptly started a Web Site business I named Chosen Spot Design. Hassle free web design is what I try my best to provide for my clients. There are so may folks running small businesses who need a helping hand getting a website started. Not everyone needs an Amazon or E-Bay kind of website and I try my best to help the non-technical and technical folks put together a "Business Card" website for people to find on the web.

Manic Schoolbus

The Manic School Bus

Just call me Miss Frazzled, cause just like all the other school bus drivers, I drive a manic school bus. Yes I do get up a 5am to drive bus, since April of 1990. The first day I walked in the door three of my own bus drivers where sitting in the lounge. And even after 25 years I'm still at it driving the kids of the kids I drove years ago. I guarantee it will be the worst job you'll ever love.

The California Story

The California Story

This story is of the adventures of James Richmond. Recorded by Sarah Chadwick Richmond his wife As told to their "boys" George and Edward, and thier sister Frankie One trip was by boat and and one was overland. James' story was copied by their grand daughter Ruth Lamoine Richmond, 1928 + 1929 A.D. and digitalized by their great great grand daughter Nila Jean Repard, 1999 A.D.

Family Tree

Family Tree

Geneology covering most of the branches of my family. What you see is what you get. Everything I know is contained in these pages.
Please remember: As responsible genealogists always use information you receive from any source as a lead to finding the truth. Check ALL information against verified documents as much as possible. Errors occur in any written document so please beware.


MamaLoca on YouTube

My latest distraction is making videos and slideshows and posting them on YouTube. Quite a few up ranging from my brother's art and music to my son's band, My father's models and diarama's to slideshows and video's from my trip to Ireland, a cousin's tractor pull videos to a trip to Alaska on a renovated school bus my sister and other family members made in 1999. There's something for everyone.


All My Pets

This page is dedicated to all of my pets, past and present. pets add so much to your life. The pictures on these pages are of my pets and pets of friends and family. We've had lots of dogs and cats over the years and a Sulcata Tortious that we sent to live in California last year.

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As I Remember by Edna Richmond Repard
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James Richmond's California Story
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Great Tales by Jerry (Jake) Repard

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